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Meet your Council Members
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Mayor Mark McKee
Mayor Mark McKee:
I moved to Revelstoke in the late 1970's with my wife and I have two daughters and a son and a new granddaughter.  I have been involved in municipal service both as mayor for two terms and previous to that as a councilor for 9 years. I have owned three local businesses, Style Trend Clothiers, Kaos Clothing and Revelstoke Mobility (Telus). My present business is as owner/manager for my commercial buildings in town.  I thoroughly enjoy living in Revelstoke and over the years some of my favorite activities have included playing soccer, baseball, skiing, walking, fishing and camping.

As the former mayor of Revelstoke, I am very proud to have been involved with many positive changes that were introduced to Revelstoke during my terms.  These included the sale and development of our world class ski area, Revelstoke Mountain Resort.  We also saw the completion of our indoor
Aquatic Centre, as well as new improvements in healthcare services in the areas of residential care and assisted living for our seniors.  I was and continue to be a strong advocate for upgrades to the Trans-Canada highway in our area. I spearheaded and was the spokesperson for the lobby group Revelstoke for a Safe Trans-Canada Highway.   

I have been an active member of the Revelstoke Rotary Club for 29 years and Past President of the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce, past Chair of the Economic Development Commission, a Downtown Revitalization committee member, as well as a director of the Revelstoke Railway Museum. I am also the Chair on the Columbia Shuswap Regional District Board serving Area B. I look forward to working with Council and City staff to achieve further positive changes in Revelstoke throughout next four years.
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Councillor Connie Brothers
Connie Brothers:
Connie is a practicing lawyer with her own business in Revelstoke. Her Councillor portfolio includes the following Committee's and Commissions: Economic Development, Administration, Industry Partnership and Communications, Parks, Recreation and Culture, Economic Development Commission, Tourism Infrastructure Advisory Committee, Community Futures Development Corporation of Revelstoke, Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce, Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation and the Revelstoke Community Housing Society.
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Councillor Scott Duke
Scott Duke:
I moved to Revelstoke for a winter season in 2009.  I was drawn to the incredible recreational lifestyle the town is so widely known for.  Like so many others, I became enamored with the culture, history and the people of the community.  I sold my home and business in Ontario that same year and moved permanently to town. I currently direct the local community radio station Stoke FM and operate a property management company named Revelstoke Property Services with my partner Eve Northmore.  Dedicating my time to Rotary, Economic Development and now the City of Revelstoke, my ski hill days have dwindled but my pride for the community has increased. I am an optimist that see’s a bright future for the community, as more young families move to town for lifestyle and start new ventures, adding to the diverse economy that already exists. I can be reached at any time to discuss the current opportunities in Revelstoke. 
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Councillor Trevor English
Trevor English:
Trevor English was originally born in Revelstoke in 1975 and has since then returned home to the town he loves.  Trevor is a husband to Shelley and father of two daughters Cailin & Parker.   Upon his return in early 2011, Trevor has become an active member of the community and the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce.  He is currently the General Manager of the popular Revelstoke Red Apple.  He also coaches a group of managerial prospects through various retail challenges faced in their specific local markets as a part of a training team within Red Apple Stores Inc. He is bringing his experience in today’s business climate to help his counterparts shift from yesterdays strategies to todays customer service based business.Trevor originally transferred to Revelstoke with the Jacobson Ford Auto group.  Shortly after arriving he was elected to the Chamber of Commerce Board as a Director.  Trevor is also passionate about music and has spent many a night volunteering with the local Revelstoke Coffee House. You may find Trevor enjoying the slopes during the winter months or gathering with his family downtown to enjoy an evening of live music.
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Councillor Linda Nixon
Linda Nixon:
Hi, I am Linda Jean Nixon, a retired registered nurse, married to a retired communications businessman. I was a business manager for a family business, worked in management and leadership positions in the Healthcare field. We have lived in Revelstoke since 1983. We originally came to Revelstoke to buy a business and raise our boys in a smaller community with outdoor activities. Both my husband Garth and I volunteered for many community events and sports. I grew up in a family business in Trail,  BC, in which my Dad ran from home in the building trade. His business started in 1951 and is now managed by a third generation of family. My husband grew up, literally, in a sawmill. His Dad ran the sawmill in the 50s and 60s in Parson, BC, and the woods division for Crestbrook, BC, in the 70s and 80s. I understand the struggles of the business community. I see Revelstoke turning the corner from the 2008 global downturn. I see a sustainable future for Revelstoke in the economic, social and environmental realms. Revelstoke is a resilient community that grows and prospers as a world renowned place to visit, work, live and play.
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Councillor Aaron Orlando
Aaron Orlando:
Aaron Orlando is a professional journalist. He’s worked as a reporter, newspaper editor, and multi-media journalist based in Revelstoke for the past seven years. Aaron is currently the Creative Director of the web-based Revelstoke Mountaineer,, Revelstoke’s home for daily news, information and inspired stories about the great things happening in our community. Aaron’s deep interest in the people, ideas and conditions that lead to a successful, democratic society has driven his professional and lifelong volunteer involvement in public life. His goal as a City Councillor is to be a good steward of the great community the current Council started with, and to be an active player in making Revelstoke a better place.
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Councillor Gary Sulz
Gary Sulz:
I was born in Southern Alberta in 1958, and my parents moved to the Okanagan when I was a child.  It is there where I did most of my schooling. I have been a resident of Revelstoke since 1990 moving here from Salmon Arm.  I am married to Christina (Chrissie) nee Onischuk and we have three grown sons and five grandchildren.  I have worked in funeral service for 35 years and have been a partner in Brandon Bowers Funeral Home for the last 25 years.  My work has allowed me to get to know a large percentage of our community over the years and I have been privileged to serve in such a caring community.  I spent 10 years (1991-2001) involved with the Revelstoke RCMP Auxiliary and I am currently the director of Emergency Social Services for the Revelstoke and Area Emergency Management Program.  My focus in life has been ‘service to others’ and that has been evident throughout my career.  In 2009, I was presented with an ‘Exemplary Service Award’ for my work in funeral service and again in 2010 I shared that award with two of my colleagues in our firm.  I subscribe to Mahatma Ghandi’ s mantra “Be the change you wish to see in the world” and I trust that my work with City Council reflects my personal concern for all who reside in our community.
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