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Solid Waste and Recycling
ReCollect - Garbage App
Access the ReCollect App here to:
  • Sign up for waste collection reminders by email, phone, twitter or text message;
  • Print your collection schedule
  • Download your collections schedule into your iCal, google calendar or Microsoft Outlook calendar;
  • Print your collection schedule; or
  • Use the waste wizard to determine how to properly dispose of something or find out if a material can be reused, recycled or disposed.

Solid Waste (Garbage)


Garbage Collection Service:

Beginning February 1, 2016 each residential dwelling premise is allowed one (1)standard container per week. A standard container means a non-corrosive, durable garbage can, not exceeding 77 litres (17 gallons) in size, a plastic garbage bag not greater than 60 cm x 90 cm (24" x 36") with sufficient strength to resist ripping or tearing.
The City has NOT reduced the allowable size limit. Over the years residents have purchased garbage cans in excess of the allowable size limit.

No can or bag may exceed 25 kg. (55 lbs)

Extra Quantity: if you have more garage than allowed
You may purchase a Tag a Bag sticker for excess garbage, beyond the allowable limit. Garbage cans or bags that have the garbage sticker (Tag a Bag stickers) attached will be picked up. Extra garbage stickers cost $3.00 each (non-refundable) and are available at City Hall, 216 Mackenzie Ave.

Collection Guidelines:
Garbage must be contained in cans in tied garbage bags. Residents are responsible for garbage scattered due to animals, birds or weather.

All table and kitchen garbage, all wet garbage, floor sweepings, sawdust, cold ashes or other granular materials must be placed in a tied garbage bag prior to disposal.

Collection Areas and Times:
Collection will be Tuesday through Friday between 7:00 am and 3:00 pm. Please ensure the area around the container is kept free of ice and snow and place your garbage at the curb by 6:00 am. Pickup times may vary due to a number of circumstances such as weather, equipment problems and commercial pickups.

Why the reduction from one container to two?
The majority of residents in Revelstoke are recycling and many are composting, and are only putting one garbage container at the curb.  Reducing the amount of garbage increases the lifespan of the landfill and is good for the environment. Moving to a one garbage container limit strengthens the City’s commitment to waste reduction and encourages residents to think about what they put in the garbage.

Physical limitations and wheeled garbage containers:
The City acknowledges that some community members have physical limitations and has provided an opportunity to request special consideration with respect to using a larger can with wheels for ease of use. Please see below link for the application or stop into Public Works or City Hall to get a copy.

Click here to obtain garbage can exemption application

Secondary Suites:
If the basement suite you live in is a LEGAL suite the owner of the house will be paying a garbage utility charge for the suite.   The garbage collectors have been provided with a list of all properties which are paying for more than one garbage charge and will collect one garbage container for each unit that is paying for garbage.  The requirements are the same for secondary suites as for regular households.

Johnson Heights:
Why do I not have curbside collection anymore?
Residents in Johnson Heights have now moved to a Bear Proof dumpster as a better means of securing garbage from bears and reducing bear/human conflict in an area where many residents have limited ability to store garbage in a bear proof way.  Curbside collection using a standard 77L container, while appropriate for manual collection, is not Bear Proof.   Johnson Heights is in an area frequented by bears and the BearSaver bins, (when functioning and with the use of the lifter arm on the truck) provide for a means of securing garbage from bears. 

Business Garbage Collection:
Can businesses still purchase Tag a Bag stickers to have their garbage collected by the City?
City garbage collectors will continue to pick up commercial garbage with tag a bag stickers IF the business is located in the downtown core.  The downtown core has been defined in Garbage Collection and Disposal Bylaw No 2080 to be from Victoria Road to Third Street and from Connaught Avenue to Orton Avenue.  If you are a business outside of this area, you are required to find another means to have your waste transported to the landfill

To see the map indicating the permitted area for commercial tag a bag pick up and for further details of Garbage Collection and Disposal bylaw no . 2080.

For other questions relating to Multi-Unit Residential, Bed & Breakfasts, Organic Waste and additional info about garbage costs CLICK HERE.


Do you have a large number of members in your household?
Some helpful tips to reducing waste include:

1. Recycle more – information on what is excepting at the curb and at the  depot can be found at or at Bresco’s website

2. Backyard Compost – information on how to compost can be found on the CSRD website including information on how to purchase a composter through the regional district for $40. To learn about more about how to be Bear Aware while backyard composting please visit the Revelstoke Bear Aware site

3. Choose to buy products which don’t contain a lot of packaging.

4. Plan food purchases and meals to reduce food spoilage and the amount of food you put in the garbage.

5. If you are unable to reduce your garbage to one container you can put out additional bag containers provided they have a TAG A BAG STICKER on them. 
Tag a bag stickers are available for purchase at City Hall.

Recycling Information

For Curbside Recycling Collection from Bresco click here

CSRD Landfill Information
Click here for information regarding the CSRD landfill and special dates.

Bear Aware

Please Be Bear Aware

  • Store you garbage in a secure shed, garage, or in the basement until the morning of garbage day.    
  • Do not place your garbage at the curb before 6:00 am on the morning of pickup.
  • Secure other bear attractants such as fruit, birdseed, livestock or pet food, compost and dirty barbecue grills.

For more information about Revelstoke Bear Aware, including how to bear-proof your home,

Call 250-837-8624, email: or visit our website:

More information about Bear Aware