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Fruit Trees
The Gleaning Project.jpg
The Gleaning Project gathers surplus fruits and vegetables from our community, helping to reduce bear attractants. Residents with excess fruit can contact Revelstoke Bear Aware to arrange volunteers to harvest fruit, which is then donated to Community Connections Food Bank. (Photo Janette Vickers)

Being aware of the fruit trees in your yard and managing their fruit responsibly helps deter bears.
  • Prune your trees so they will produce only the amount of fruit that you are able to pick and consume
  • Clean all fallen fruit from beneath trees and shrubs daily and pick fruit and berries as soon as they ripen
  • Contact Revelstoke Bear Aware if you are unable to pick your fruit or berries. We can arrange for volunteers to harvest it for you and will donate the fruit to Community Connections Food Bank.
  • If you do not use the fruit from your trees and shrubs, consider replacing them. There are many beautiful flowering trees and shrubs that do not produce fruit.