How do I join the Residential Utility Installment Plan?

If you wish to join the residential utility installment plan and/or property tax installment plan, please fill out the form ( or drop by City Hall to obtain a form – a void cheque/bank information is required to process this request. Installment plans for both property tax and residential utilities are withdrawn on the 21st of the month. If joining after January, you must catch-up on instalment payments that would have been received up to the first installment for new enrollments. You can join the plan(s) for the current year up to April 30th.

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1. What is a Residential Utility Invoice?
2. Why did the city make this change to residential utility invoicing?
3. When will I receive the new Residential Utility Invoice?
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5. How do I make payment on my Residential Utility invoice?
6. What happens if I miss the due date for the Residential Utility invoice?
7. I was previously paying my property tax notice (which included residential utilities) with the city installment plan – is there an installment plan for residential utilities?
8. How do I join the Residential Utility Installment Plan?
9. My mortgage holder or bank has been paying my property tax in the past, with utilities being removed from the property tax notice, what do I need to do?