Will this type of development impact neighbouring property values?

The City is not privy to any reputable statistical analysis that would support the assertion that temporary development has a direct negative impact on property values.  

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1. Further Information on TUP2020-01 Application
2. Will this development visually impact neighbouring properties within Johnson Heights?
3. Why is the City considering a Temporary Use Permit for RMR employee housing in Johnson Heights when there is a neighbourhood planning process underway?
4. Can the City refuse to accept an application for a Temporary Use Permit on the subject property?
5. Why is the workforce housing not located on lands owned by Revelstoke Mountain Resort (RMR)?
6. Will there be a public hearing? How can I provide comments to Council on the proposed Temporary Use Permit?
7. When will Council be considering the Temporary Use Permit?
8. If approved by Council, how long will this development last? Can a Temporary Use Permit be renewed?
9. What will happen when the workforce housing is no longer needed? Is the City responsible to restore the site to its original state?
10. Will this type of development impact neighbouring property values?
11. Traffic is currently an issue in Johnson Heights. Adding more vehicle trips per day will only add to the issue. How is the City addressing this?