9. Why is the living wage calculated every year?

The living wage and our calculation has drawn much-needed attention to the affordability crisis in BC. The cost of living has vastly outpaced increases in wages. In particular, the cost of housing has rapidly increased in recent years, and the changes from year to year are significant. Doing an annual calculation allows for an up-to-date picture of the cost of living across BC. Our calculation provides a way to rethink wages as something that should reflect what families actually get to be able to get by.

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1. 1. What are the living wages in BC?
2. 2. How is the 2019 living wage different from previous years?
3. 3. Why are the 2019 living wages lower?
4. 4. Are all families with children benefitting from these new child care investments?
5. 5. Why do you calculate for a family of four/ What about other family types?
6. 6. What about housing expenses?
7. 7. What should employers pay this year?
8. 8. What is the living wage/ How is the living wage calculated?
9. 9. Why is the living wage calculated every year?
10. 10. Why does the living wage vary across the province?
11. 11. How does the living wage compare to the minimum wage?
12. 12. Should the living wage become the minimum wage?
13. 13. Does this relate to the provincial government’s new legislation on employment standards?