Dog Licenses

Dog License Application

Any dog that lives within City Limits must be registered and have a Dog Tag through the City of Revelstoke.

Why License Your Dog?

There are plenty of great reasons to license your dog! Licensing information ultimately helps staff return lost dogs to their owners.

Here are a few more reasons why you should license your dog:

1. It's cheap and easy

It costs $20 per year to license your spayed/neutered dog in Revelstoke. Dog owners just need to complete the application form and bring it in to City Hall with payment. A photo of your pet helps Bylaw Officers confirm identity but is not required. Feel free to email a photo of your dog to Bylaw Enforcement to include in our files.

2. Just in case...

The best incentive for getting a dog licensed is that you get your dog back when your dogs been lost.

Registering your dog with the city means staff are able to contact you if they find your dog. We have a high rate of reuniting owners with licensed dogs.

3. Fines start at $200

Licensing your dog is mandatory in Revelstoke — fines start at $200 and can go higher if the case is taken to court.

Bylaw officers usually start by warning an owner if their dog is found without a license.

4. It's for a good cause

Money collected from dog licenses go toward reuniting owners with lost dogs, operating the city shelter, and finding adoptive families for dogs that don't have a home.