Kids Programs and Events

At Home Alone

This program is geared for children 10 years of age and older that come home after school and may have to be alone for a couple of hours. The program covers phone precaution, First Aid, household hazards and emergency procedures.
 When: Wednesday, April 26th
 Time: 3:30pm - 5:00pm
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 Where: Revelstoke Community Centre
 Cost: $20.00

Babysitter Training

Students age 12 and up will develop skills that will help them care for kids of all ages and deal with difficult situations. This class is also focused to help them make safe choices while babysitting. We also teach students basic First Aid, and of course, what makes us to predict future dangerous situations and what to do in an emergency.
When: Saturday, April 29th
 Ages: 12 and older
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Cost: $45.00
Where: Community Centre
(Please bring lunch and snacks for the class) 

(Watch for more opportunities this summer)

Combining electronics and mechanical engineering to create animated objects. This hands on program will develop a basic understanding of the principals of electronics and mechanical engineering. The focus will be on creating projects using LITTLEBIT electronic building blocks. Kids will create projects such as motor driven crawler, rotating lighthouse, an articulating hand, material mover and more!
Ages: 10-12 years old
Cost: $135 ( includes all materials)

Kids Pro-D Camps

Looking for something to do on those Pro-D Days? Join us for a full day of activities including swimming, crafts, and games. Camps are for ages 5-10 and pre -registration is required. Spots will be limited so be sure to get yours early! Please bring swim suit, towel, snacks, lunch and make sure they have appropriate dress for the weather.

Winter Pro - D- Days:

  When: Friday, May 5th
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 Full Day: 8:30am - 4:30pm
 Cost: $35 per child