Curbside Recycling Program

General Information

The City is divided into three pickup areas and pickup will be on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday every other week. There is no rotation of pickup days to this schedule. (For example, If your recycling pickup day is on Tuesday, it will always be on Tuesday every other week)

Visit Bresco's curbside recycling site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the description of the areas for pickup, the term "odd numbered homes" or "even numbered homes" refers ONLY TO THE HOMES ON EDWARD STREET. The area division between area one and two is the middle of Edward St.

The green bins will still be available for use and are located at Revelstoke Bottle Depot.

There are some differences between what has been acceptable at the green bins and what is acceptable with the curbside program. Bresco is the contractor for Recycling in Revelstoke.

Frequently Asked Questioned

Q. Why is glass able to be recycled from the green bins, but is not accepted in the curbside bags?

A. Recyclables from the curbside program and the contents of the green bins go to different processing plants. The curbside recycling materials are shipped to and sorted at Cascades Recovery in Kelowna. This processing plant is a semi-automatic facility which means that there are human hands sorting the materials. It is a requirement for there to be no glass in the items being sorted to eliminate risk to the workers sorting. Items from the green bins located at Revelstoke Bottlers are shipped to Emterra in Surrey. This processing plant is a fully automated system which requires no workers manually sorting items, therefore eliminating risk of injury to workers from broken glass items. In addition, recyclables which have been contaminated with broken glass are worth much less than those that have not been exposed to glass.

Q. Why must recyclable material be placed in a bag, instead of a bin?

A. Bags were identified as the preferred method of collection. The City’s contract with Bresco also stipulates a bag collection program.

Q. Where do I get clear or clear blue recycling bags?

A. Most grocery and hardware stores have stocked blue recycling bags. Large, clear bags such as leaf bags are also acceptable, provided they are less than 22 pounds when placed at the curb. Homeowners are responsible for purchasing their own bags.

Q. How many bags are allowed at the curb on collection day?

A. You will be allowed unlimited recycling bags, as long as all bags are clear or clear blue, and under 22 pounds. Any cardboard that doesn’t fit into the bags may be piled beside the bags and tied together with twine.

Q. Why is glass excluded from the program?

A. Glass is not able to be separated from other recyclables at the processing facility and therefore becomes a contaminant. It is also a safety hazard for the sorting workers. Glass can be returned to the green recycling bins located at the landfill and at Revelstoke Bottlers.

Q. Are all types of plastic bags/plastic wrap acceptable in the blue bag?

A. Plastic wrap is considered plastic film, and is accepted with the program. Plastic film is made of Linear Low Density Polyethylene or LLDPE (Plastic Code 4), which is a recyclable material. Typically this material, once recovered is used to create other types of plastic materials such as plastic lumber, containers, furniture or shipping envelopes. Other acceptable plastic bag/plastics include Shrink Wrap, Bubble Wrap, Shopping Bags, Bread Bags, Clear or Blue Garbage Bags. If the material can be stretched without breaking easily it’s Plastic Film. SARAN WRAP® IS NOT ACCEPTED FOR RECYCLING

Q. Why should plastic milk jugs be returned to the Bottle Depot?

A. #2 milk jugs will be recycled if placed in your curbside bag, however the Dairy Council of BC will pay to recycle these materials if returned to a depot. Residents are encouraged to take them to Revelstoke Bottlers with their other refundable beverage containers in order to support a local business. By placing these materials in your clear/blue bag, you are in effect subsidizing an industry led program.

Q. Why should refundable beverage containers be returned to the Bottle Depot?

A. Non-glass, refundable beverage containers will be recycled if placed in your curbside bag, however, they are part of an Extended Producer Responsibility Program, meaning a corporation has been mandated by the Provincial Government to recycle these materials. By placing these materials in your recycling bag, you are in effect subsidizing an industry led program. Residents are encouraged to take them to Revelstoke Bottlers with their other refundable beverage containers in order to support a local business.

Q. Will the green bins stay at the landfill and at Revelstoke Bottlers?

A. Nothing has changed with the residential depot recycling program. All the bins remain in place and the types of materials collected in the bins has not changed.

Q. Why must the lids still be attached to tin cans?

A. Anything under 7.6 cm in diameter will fall through the screens at the sorting plant and become solid waste. For lids to be recycled they can be placed in the containers then flattened so they stay inside the can or they can remain attached to the tin.

Q. What do I do with items that are not accepted in the blue bag?

A. Glass can be recycled at the recycling depot locations in the green bins. Milk jugs (including waxed) can still be returned to Revelstoke Bottlers.

Q. What if my bag(s) get missed on my collection day?

A. If your bag or bags get missed on your collection day, please take the bag (s) back into your house or garage and hold onto them until your next scheduled pickup. There is no limit to the number of bags which you may put out for collection.