Curbside Recycling

General Information

Starting July 1st, 2020, Recycle BC is moving from a single stream (clear blue bag) curbside recycling program to a multi-stream program using reusable boxes and bags. 

The new program:
  • Helps reduce contamination so more materials are successfully recycled;
  • Saves money on bags - no more need to buy single-use bags for recycling, as reusable boxes and bags have been provided;
  • The blue box for:
    • mixed containers, including hard plastic packaging;
    • metal cans;
    • aluminum foil wrap and containers;
    • cartons;
    • spiral wound cans and lids (frozen juice concentrate, chips, etc.)
    • hot and cold beverage cups (coffee cups, slushy drinks) and;
    • empty aerosol cans.
  • Please use your yellow bag for:
    • paper products, including printed paper (flyers, magazines, envelopes, etc.)
    • paper packaging that held dry products (shoes, crackers, eggs, etc.): and;
    • cardboard
  • You can also search what can be recycled online at or using the Recycle BC mobile app for information on if and how specific materials should be included in your recycling.
Details on Changes:
  • Recycle BC has entered into a new contract for curbside residential collection with SCV Contractors and divided the three collections zones into six in Revelstoke. Please check the Recycle BC website or use the Recycle Coach app to review the schedule for your new collection date.
  • To report a missed collection, order additional recycling bins or for any other operational issues after July 1st, please contact SCV Contractors at 1-888-887-2870 or

What can I recycle?   Recycle BC's GUIDE

Please note that there are two different recycle dates on EDWARD STREET.
The area division between area one and two is the middle of Edward St.
The EVEN addresses on Edwards St. have a collection date of Tuesday, Week 1 and the ODD addresses on Edwards St. is Wednesday, Week 2.