Social Development

Social Development Coordinator

Since 2008 the City of Revelstoke has contracted a Social Development Coordinator to address social issues in the community. This has resulted in the completion of several important community initiatives. 

Social Development Committee

Revelstoke Community Social Development Committee is a committee of the City Council established to facilitate proactive planning for positive social change by:

  1. Facilitating communication and collaboration amongst community organizations to support them to work together on community social challenges and opportunities;
  2. Communicating, maintaining and updating the social aspects of the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan;
  3. Supporting action on high priority social actions identified in the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan;
  4. Helping support new and existing social sector organizations and collaboratives when needed;
  5. Identifying new social challenges and opportunities in the community and ways to meet these challenges and access opportunities;
  6. Providing the City of Revelstoke with information and recommendations on community social challenges and priorities;
  7. Communicating social issues and information within the community and externally.
For more information visit the Revelstoke Social Development website or contact the Social Development Coordinator.