Public Notices

This page will link you to all current Development Services applications that require public notification and will be appearing before Council in the next upcoming meeting. These applications may include:

  • Official Community Plan Amendments
  • Zoning Bylaw Amendments
  • Development Variance Permits (DVP)
  • Temporary Use Permits (TUP)
  • Liqour Licences
  • Cannabis Licences 

Please note that Development Permits, Heritage Alteration Permits, Floodplain Exemptions, and Discharges of Registered Instruments do not legislatively require or have a public notification component in the application review process. If one of these type of applications will be presented to Council in the next upcoming meeting staff will list them below. 

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Notice of Development Application
Council Meeting Date 
Development Variance Permit DVP2022-013 
(703 Center Street)
Council date TBD *please note that a 100 m Landowner Notification Letter was mailed out to neighbouring properties notifying that the subject application will be considered September 12, 2023. This application is unexpectedly being revised and as such will not be included on the September 12, 2023 Council agenda. A new letter will be sent out when revisions to the application have been completed and a new date for consideration of the application by council has been determined*