Johnson Heights Neighbourhood Plan Vision and Guiding Principles Survey

The Johnson Heights Vision and Guiding Principles Survey was hosted by the City of Revelstoke Development Services department and open to residents, business owners and/or landowners in the Johnson Heights Area as well as other Revelstoke citizens that have an interest in the land use planning for Johnson Heights.

The 2009 Official Community Plan (OCP) identified neighbourhood plans to be developed and adopted in the OCP.  The City of Revelstoke initiated the development of the first neighbourhood plan for Johnson Heights at the Committee of the Whole meeting in June 2019. To date, staff have met with the Johnson Heights Strata Council, sent project introduction letters to all landowners in the area, and met several times with landowners that are currently interested in developing their land. An opportunities and constraints analysis has been done on the existing transportation, internal and external pedestrian connectivity, water, wastewater, stormwater, shallow utilities, environmental considerations, and land use. The next step is to create a vision and guiding principles for the neighbourhood to inform the development of plan policies.


Survey Report Results

Thank you to the 58 respondents that took time to complete the survey. The purpose of the survey was to gather community input to inform the neighbourhood vision and guiding principles as we begin to develop the neighbourhood plan.

The Report recommends a vision and guiding principles to help guide the development of the Johnson Heights Neighbourhood Plan policy. Once the Neighbourhood Plan is drafted, it will be provided to the community for feedback and comments prior to Council consideration.

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