Current Community Vision Statement

The engagement process which happened on October 9th - December 8th, 2019 was used to test the current OCP Vision with our community.

Current OCP Vision

Revelstoke will be a leader in achieving a sustainable community by balancing environmental, social and economic values within a local, regional and global context. 

Building on its rich heritage and natural beauty this historic mountain town community will pursue quality and excellence. Revelstoke is seen as vibrant, healthy, clean, hospitable, resilient and forward thinking. It will be committed to exercising its rights with respect to decisions affecting the North Columbia Mountain region. 

Community priorities include: Opportunities for youth; economic growth and stability; environmental citizenship; personal safety and security; a responsible and caring social support system and local access to to lifelong learning; spiritual and cultural values and diverse forms of recreation. 

All residents and visitors shall have access to the opportunities afforded by this community.