Neighbourhood Plans

A Secondary/Neighbourhood Plan delineates the existing conditions and desired future conditions of a planning district, neighbourhood or sector of Revelstoke.  They are used to guide the area’s maintenance, development and/or redevelopment.  Once adopted, these plans provide specific schedules and policies for those areas of the City where more detailed directions for land use, infrastructure, transportation, environment, urban design or similar matters are required beyond the general framework provided by the OCP.  

The objectives of a Secondary/Neighbourhood Plan are:

  • To provide a process and a framework for addressing planning issues affecting or characterizing specific areas of the City.
  • To facilitate the application of the general planning principles expressed in the OCP.
  • To strengthen existing developed areas within the City and to facilitate, where desirable, appropriate and orderly redevelopment.
  • To ensure the orderly, efficient and appropriate development of large tracts of vacant or underutilized land. 
  • To be consistent with Development Permit requirements and guidelines.
  • To ensure that desirable characteristics of the City are protected and enhanced.
  • To require consistency of the directions contained in the approved Secondary Plans and the Development Permit Areas in Part 4.  
  • To identify future infill opportunities including but not limited affordable housing and secondary suites/carriage cottage opportunities.
Johnson Heights Study Area