Temporary Use Permit (TUP)


A Temporary Use Permit is an approval from the City Council for a temporary land use that does not conform to the applicable zoning bylaw. A TUP may be issued for up to 3 years and can be renewed once by the City of Revelstoke as per Section 497 Local Government Act (LGA).

Who can apply for a TUP?

  • Temporary Use Permits are issued under Section 493 of the Local Government Act.
  • The property owner(s) or an authorized agent
  • Where a property is owned by a company or society, the application must be signed by a person with signing authority.

Where is a TUP Currently allowed under the OCP?

Temporary Commercial and Industrial Use Permits are currently allowed in Schedule G  designated area’s in the city's Official Community Plan, Map Schedule G.

Permits may be issued only under the following conditions:

  • Does not have a negative impact on lands in the vicinity;
  • Does not create a significant increase in the level of the demand for services;
  • Does not permanently alter the site upon which it is located; and 
  • Complies with all the conditions in the Temporary Commercial and Industrial Permit

What must I include with my application?

Property owners who would like to apply for a temporary commercial or industrial permit are encouraged to contact the Development Services Department at (250) 837-3637 before submitting an application.  Applications must include the following:

  • Temporary Use Permit Application form and fee
  • Letter of authorization from the registered property owner (if applicable)
  • Site profile as per the Contaminated Sites Regulation
  • Site plan illustrating existing and proposed buildings, setbacks to all property lines, parking, loading, access, landscaping, water features,  topographical features, north arrow
  • Building footprints and elevations
  • Description of how the development will be serviced including roads, sanitary and storm sewers, waterlines and other utilities
  • Rationale for the application
  • Comments, plans and photos (if requested) in support of the application

How long does it take to get a TUP?

  • The time required to review and obtain a decision on a TUP application depends on a number of factors including: completeness of the application,  complexity of the development project, the time required to revise plans to address the issues identified by City of Revelstoke staff.
  • TUP applications generally take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to process if all application information has been submitted, however, more complex applications can take longer.


  • Where an application has been denied, no reapplication for a substantially similar amendment shall be considered within 6 months of the date of rejection of the previous application.

What is the cost of the TUP?

Legal Costs

Restrictive covenants, rights-of-way or other legal agreements and documents may be required as part of the conditions of approval for the TUP. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have these documents prepared for the City of Revelstoke’s review.