Cannabis Regulatory Framework

What are we Doing?

  • The City has embarked on a planning process to develop and implement regulations for cannabis in preparation for Canada-wide legalization on October 17th, 2018.  Some municipalities have recently developed and adopted regulations in preparation for legalization, but many others have not yet done so.  
  • Regulations will cover where cannabis-related businesses can locate as well as additional requirements for municipal approval such as buffers from facilities catering to youth, application processing fees and distances from other cannabis-related businesses.  Because the City’s Zoning Bylaw does not speak to zoning for medical marihuana sales and production, this will also be covered.   
  • The City’s Development Services Department has received several enquiries from companies and individuals wishing to operate cannabis retail stores in the City, and we expect that demand for business licences could be high.
  • Because this new industry is being developed and implemented at a fast pace, we want to ensure it is introduced in a way that considers the needs of Revelstoke residents.  This includes determining where retail stores would best be located and whether any business licence restrictions or requirements should be imposed in order to fairly balance community interests.
  • The City will need to have regulations in place before cannabis retailers are authorized to operate. 

What is the City able to regulate?

Municipalities can set regulatory requirements to address issues of local concern. 

For example:

  • Restricting where cannabis can be cultivated;
  • Limit the hours that cannabis retail stores can operate or impose other conditions such as signage specifications;
  • Establishing local zoning rules for cannabis-based businesses;
  • Restricting where cannabis may be consumed (i.e. through Clean Air Bylaws); and
  • Charging applicant fees to assess applications.

Project Timeline

Because legalization is scheduled for October 17th, 2018, there is a small window of opportunity to engage the community and develop and enact local legislation.  Background work has already begun on the project and key dates in the planning process for the community to be aware of are:

  • Community Survey:  August 27 – September 10 at 4:00 PM
  • Council Meeting (1st Reading at set Public Hearing Date): September 18
  • Public Hearing: October 9
  • Council Meeting (Adopt regulations) October 11

The full project schedule is available in the FAQ document here

How to Participate and who to Contact

A community survey will be open from 9am on August 27th to September 10th at 4pm. We encourage everyone to participate.  Questions will be focused on community members’ preferences for regulating cannabis within the City.  Only topics within the City’s mandate will be covered.   

Access the survey directly here:

To learn more about cannabis legalization, interested community members can visit the Cannabis FAQ here

For more information about the project please contact:

Nigel Whitehead, Director of Development Services