Preschool Swim Lessons

Give your child the gift of aquatic fun and swimming at an early age. Songs, games and introductory swimming skills will make your child comfortable and happy in the water. Each level is built around an aquatic animal mascot which makes lessons engaging and fun. The instructor uses progressive teaching techniques adapted to each child, providing constant feedback and encouragement. These lessons are sequential. Contact the Community Centre to see what level to start your child in.

Preschool Swim Lesson Summary Moving from Preschool to Swim Kids

Swim Lessons - Summer, 2022

Registration for the July 4 - 14 session is open.

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Preschool Swim Lessons 2022

*Swim Lessons are subject to change based on demand and instructor availability. 


  • Children must be enrolled in the correct class for their ability. Please make sure your child is enrolled in the class corresponding to the level they have completed. 
  • For new enrollees and parents who feel their child is advanced beyond our records, a free assessment must be completed before we can proceed with enrollment. 
  • It is very important for our instructors that children are enrolled into the right class. If we feel a child has been incorrectly enrolled, we reserve the right to withdraw the child from that class.


Some of you may be aware that we have added prerequisites to our online registration portal for swim lessons.  The system was implemented in October of 2020.  If your child was enrolled in swim lessons before we implemented the prerequisite system, you may experience issues when trying to register for swim lessons online.  If this is the case, to streamline the registration process, we encourage you to call us to ensure that the swim lesson grade your child received for their last swim lesson session is entered into our system.  To do this, you can email a copy of your child’s last progress report or visit the front desk in person with your child’s progress report. Upon verification staff will update your child’s profile. 

If your child has not been registered in lessons with us in the last two years and you are not certain what level your child is at, you have the option to have your child assessed by a qualified instructor to determine the right level for your child’s enrollment.  Please contact the front desk for more information on this option.

If your child has been enrolled in swim lessons since the implementation of our system, you do not need to do anything.