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*Courses require a minimum number of participants to run.


Aquafit classes are geared for everyone (ages 13+). This is a safe, low impact workout in deep or shallow water. Participants can alter intensity to get the work out they are looking for! Enjoy the challenges and rewards of water workouts at the Aquatic Centre. 

Please view our Leisure Guide for Aquafit Schedule and Memberships.

First Aid

Standard First Aid w/ CPR-C AED

Comprehensive training covering all aspects of first aid, CPR and AED use! Whether you need training for employment or simply want to be prepared to respond to life-threatening emergencies, this course will give you the skills and knowledge to act with confidence. Through practical activities, you will learn to recognize and treat injuries including head and spinal, soft-tissue, facial, abdominal and chest, burns, bones and joint, and other common medical emergencies. Worksafe BC Occupational First Aid Level 1 equivalent. Standard First Aid is a prerequisite for the Lifesaving Society National Lifeguard program.

Cost: $165

Standard First Aid Recertification

This course includes comprehensive training covering all aspects of first aid, CPR and AED use. Whether you need training for employment or simply want to be prepared to respond to life-threatening emergencies, this course will give you the skills and knowledge to act with confidence. In addition to the material covered in Emergency First Aid, candidates will learn how to treat head/neck injuries, soft tissue and musco-skeletal injuries and medical emergencies. This course is a prerequisite for taking your National Lifeguard Service.

Recertification of Standard First Aid with CPR C/AED is achieved by attending an 8 hour Standard First Aid with CPR-C/AED Recertification course.

Previous certification must be from one of the following agencies:

  • Any Canadian Lifesaving Society Branch
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • St. Johns Ambulance
  • Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada
  • Canadian Ski Patrol

Cost: $90.00 
Prerequisite: Standard First Aid *need not be current

Advanced Aquatic Courses

Please view our Leisure Guide for  our current  programs.


Bronze Star

Bronze Star is a pre-Bronze Medallion training program that helps to prepare candidates for success in Bronze Medallion. In Bronze Star, participants develop problem solving and decision making skills as individuals and in partners. Candidates develop Water Smart confidence and learn basic lifesaving and resuscitation skills needed to be their own personal lifeguard. Includes a 400 metre timed swim.

Prerequisites: Ability to swim 50 metres and tread water for 1 minute.

Bronze Medallion

The Lifesaving Society Bronze Medallion program is a ‘building block’ toward further lifesaving and lifeguard training. Candidates learn lifesaving techniques for challenging open-water rescues and develop stroke efficiency and endurance (500 meter timed swim). Certification includes CPR-A/AED.

Prerequisites: 13 years old OR successful completion of Bronze Star

Cost: $205, includes Canadian Lifesaving Manual.

Bronze Cross

Candidates learn advanced lifesaving training to include management of aquatic spinal injuries and preventing loss of life in a variety of aquatic emergencies. Lifesaving Society Bronze Cross is a prerequisite for National Lifeguard (NL) and is worth two Grade 11 High School credits. Certification includes CPR-C/AED.

Prerequisites: Bronze Medallion

Cost: $185

Note: Please bring Canadian Lifesaving Manual from Bronze Medallion. 

National Lifeguard Program (NL)

The Lifesaving Society’s NL award is recognized
as the standard measure of lifeguard performance
in Canada. NL training prepares lifeguards to
prevent incidents and in the effective resolution of
emergencies if needed. NL is worth two Grade 12
High School credits.

Prerequisites: Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid
& 15 years old

Cost: 8 sessions, $500, includes Alert Manual and Lifeguard Toolkit

National Lifeguard

National Lifeguard (NL) Recert

A Lifesaving Society NL certification is valid for two years from the date of certification and must be current for employment. This clinic is for individuals needing to recertify their NL award. A current CPR - C or Standard First Aid is recommended.

Prerequisites: Previous NL certification. Please bring proof of award to class.

Cost: $125

Swim Instructor Course 

The Lifesaving Society Swim Instructor course trains candidates o the Competency Level 1 knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to teach the Society’s Swim for Life and Canadian Swim Patrol programs.

Prerequisites: Bronze cross, 15 Years Old 

Cost: $450

Lifesaving Instructor (LSI)

The Lifesaving Instructor (LSI) award trains candidates to teach and evaluate the Canadian Swim Patrol Program, the Bronze Medal awards, and a variety of specialized lifesaving programs. Candidates will be taught teaching methodology, course planning, class management, safety supervision and the principles of evaluation. The LSI certification is worth one Grade 11 High School credit. 

Pre requisites: Bronze Cross & 16 years old by last day of class

*Not being offered at this time.

Lifesaving Instructor (LSI) Recertification

This clinic is for individuals needing to re-certify or update their existing Lifesaving Instructor certification as an LSI is valid for two years from the date of certification. Lifesaving Society Bronze Cross and Lifesaving instructor combined are worth three Grade 11 High School credits. 

We currently are not running this course. Next time this will be scheduled at a later date. Email  to be put on an interest list. New classes will be added with enough interest.

*Not being offered at this time.